Who is SPC.Suspension.Parts?

Think "Suspension Fanatics". We absolutely LOVE suspension parts. We have been working with suspension parts for over a decade and enjoy a very close relationship with big name suspension manufacturers like Moog, Prothane, Energy Suspension, and Whiteline to name a few. We dont just sell their parts. We KNOW their parts. We have a team of people who are tasked with learning about these suspension parts and explaining in a clear manner why YOU the customer should care about these parts. What's more is that we arent here to just blindly hawk their parts either. If a manufacturer's part isn't GREAT, we'll tell you! The last thing we want is to sell a part that is less than PERFECT. If they need to go back to the drawing board to redesign their part, we'll tell them. We want you to be "Suspension Fanatics" too, and crummy Suspension Parts aren't gonna cut it, are they?

More than "Suspension Fanatics" though, we're "Jesus Freaks". Throughout our long history in business God has opened many doors for us and given us success in the things we do. It's truly undeniable that without Christ, we are nothing. Because of that fact, we desire to handle our business in a "Christ Like" manner. If for any reason you ever think we're dropping the ball on that, we would much rather you tell us and call us out on it. We dont just want to be Christians on Sunday. We want to serve you Monday through Friday with the same Christian attitude we would show to our friends and families.

I dont know if there's a way that we can glorify God through selling Suspension Parts, but we're sure gonna try.
Tiffany Slaughter Tiffany Slaughter— DST Owner Graham Slaughter Graham Slaughter— DST Owner
DST Team

DST Team

From Left To Right:

Fourth Row: Greg, Krista, Chrissy, Bailey, Berkley, Chelsea
Third Row: Grant, Taylor, Alyssa, Randi, David, Amanda, Brit
Second Row: Josh, Tammy, Jessica, Darci, Stephen
Front: Graham and Tiffany
(not pictured: Edwin)


They think they know what they're doing ...

DST Team Tiffany

Tiffany Slaughter

She Pays People

Every payday people are SO excited to see her. She always forgets it's payday. Consequently Brit reminds her every 13.2345 minutes until he has been paid.
DST Team David

David Sears

Warehouse Manager

If you put a part back on the wrong shelf he reserves the right to ban you from the warehouse for the rest of forever. He feeds the chickens. The chickens love David.
DST Team Brit

Brit Hull

Customer Service Manager

Dresses professionally. Hasn't spent a lot of time in jail ... that we know about anyway. Possibly Captain America, but he can't throw a frisbee very well so we're not convinced.
DST Team Graham

Graham Slaughter

Peach Farmer

Thanks God for giving him something other than WalMart to do for a living. He said something was in his eye when this picture was taken. We think it's his inner pirate coming out.
DST Team Chelsea

Chelsea Baker

Data Manager

Organizes stuff. A LOT of stuff. Cant keep a straight face for 2 seconds without busting into a smile. Studied math ... we're scared of her brain.

Customer Service

They actually know what they're doing.

DST Team Amanda W


Order Processing

Processes all orders, allowing everyone to get their stuff quickly. If you have questions about anything Firefly, Kung Fu Panda, or Chris Evans, Amanda is who to go to. Also, she knows everything about every movie ever made – IMDB is jealous!
DST Team Edwin


Customer Service

Old School Cool. Edwin is the guy you EXPECT to talk to when you call somebody about auto parts. He's got decades of experience in auto parts and the knowledge and education to backup it up. Of course the fact that he drives a Classic Mustang sure doesn't hurt either.
DST Team Tammy


Customer Service

Always has a smile on her face, but don’t let that smile fool you – she is a HUGE fan of the Minions. Bob is her favorite, but really, she is just up for being mischievous – just don’t take her teddy bear.
DST Team Stephen


Customer Service

Stephen is ….. interesting. That sly look he is showing – that is normal. He has so much knowledge in that head of his that he has to prop his head up to keep him from falling over. Maybe it’s his Pokémon knowledge...
DST Team Jessica


Customer Service

Jessica has a bubbly personality and enjoys working with people. If given the opportunity, she would move her desk outside. She loves animals, which explains why she gets along with the rest of us so well! Her favorite car is a blue 76 El Dorado Convertible. Elvis Presley would be jealous!
DST Team Berkley


Customer Service

Sarcastic is a great way to describe Berkley. She does love dog, giraffes, chicken (to eat, not so much to throw a ball with, although she does like to chase them to show them who’s boss), and baseball (this girl can swing a bat to knock a ball out of the park), but sarcasm is what she will be remembered for at the end of the day.
DST Team Stuart


Customer Service

Stuarts got two kids that are "the world's best sidekicks". The Gordon Ramsay of the outdoors, this guy loves to cook and camp... though he does bring a banjo. (queue Deliverance theme)

Warehouse Team

The Muscle

DST Team Grant


Warehouse Crew

Has a cryptic tattoo. We dont know what it means but suspect he's part of some weird secret society. Also, teaches youth group at Church!
DST Team Darci


Warehouse Crew

Darci is the strong, silent type. She is crazy athletic. She loves to run (although we are not sure who or what she is running from), she loves softball, and kicks butt at horse on the basketball court. Darci is also a world traveler. She has taken trips to Spain, France, and Mexico, and wants to go to Australia at some point. Maybe all this traveling should have told us something about her. Does anyone know how to reach out to Interpol?"

Data Team

Those Who Dwell In The Data Dungeon

DST Team Krista


Data Team

Has 2 kids who play sports, so she is used to chaos. Even with the craziness, she always has time to stop and help a customer in need.
DST Team Randi


Data Team

Enjoys country music, has a telepathic connection to her cousin, and will eat mac and cheese anytime, anywhere. Has many accents from British to Brooklyn but native Texan is her best.
DST Team Josh


Data Team

Can be caught speaking to someone he cannot see. He moved to another country for 2 years because he says those people in that country needed to know the invisible person. Josh insists this person is real and that someday we'll understand. It doesn't sound like a threat, but more of a genuinely concerned warning.
DST Team Krissy


Data Team

An outdoor adventurer, Krissy likes camping, kyaking, and cross country road trips. Has a goal of visiting every state in the US, then every contenient in the world, then colonizing Mars, then...

Office Animals

The B team.

DST Team Sia


From 'Sweet Ball of Fur' to 'Freddy Kruger' in .05 seconds

"I'm in this box, holding this ball because I want to. Also, the Cubs won in 2016 because of me." - Sia
DST Team Chewi


Short for Chewbacca. The fascination of almost everyone at the office.

"These people weird me out. Oh, and my favorite movie is Jurassic Park." - Chewie
DST Team Ham'r

Ham'r H2

The Pig Favorite

Graham saved me from the wild and gave me a cool name. I will love DST til the end of my days.
DST Team Rooster


Cocky son-of-a-gun.

Lets face it, roosters are either a tool for making baby chicks or ... you eat them. He's one step away from the rotisserie if he attacks my kids again.
DST Team Ever


Barking Machine.

Barks at everything EXCEPT the Mail Man. She even barks at the WIND. Interestingly, that annoyed look on her face is the same look we get when we take just about anyone else's picture too.
DST Team Turkey


The guard dog.

Think's she is a guard dog. Recently took off with a male for some reason we don't know. We pray she returns to us, one day.
DST Team Colonel


Most beloved chicken.

The Queen of all chickens. Survived against all odds, time and time again. Holds title for "most beloved chicken" at DST... Maybe even the whole world?
DST Team Poop Dog

Poop Dog

Eats Poop

Named after what she likes to eat. Very out of shape dog, unless food is involved.
DST Team The Peeps

The Peeps


Part Rooster, part Colonel. You get the picture. All our hopes and dreams are wrapped up in these young lives ... or something like that.

Our history

God has had a hand in every step of the way.

  • 2017
  • New Warehouse Erected

    We started the slow process of moving into the new warehouse in early 2017.

    New warehouse finished

    We put the roof on the building just in time for the first few truckloads to arrive. Sure, there were no shelves yet ... but we'll let David worry about that.

  • First Deliveries to the New Warehouse

    An 18 wheeler full of moog

    The first deliveries started showing up quick! We needed this new warehouse if we're going to keep receiving entire 18 wheelers full of inventory!

  • Suspension.com Logo

    Over a decade after we started to do business, we aquired the Suspension.com domain name - finally giving us a domain that matches who we are!

  • DST Team 2017

    DST Team 2017

    We're going to need a wider lens soon ...

  • 2016
  • New Warehouse ... in a peach orchard?

    As you drive up to the new warehouse, you'll be greeted by over 600 peach trees.

    New warehouse entrance flanked by peach trees

    2016 was an exciting year for DST. Not only did our team grow, but our inventory grew as well. By the end of 2016, our warehouse was so full that we needed to build a new warehouse to hold everything so we can ship your your order the same day you place it.

  • New Warehouse Site Prepared

    Aerial Image of the New Warehouse Site

    In late 2016 we began work on the new warehouse building. The red soil at the back of the picture is where the new building will be built.

    The soil in the front that is in nice little lines ... well those are rows for peach trees of course.

  • We blew up a car...

    Because explosions are awesome!

  • DST Team 2016

    DST Team 2016

    Wearing our #cleftstrong shirts in support of Abi!

  • 2015
  • New Website Design 2015

    Only a year after the 2014 design launch, we've taken what we learned from the 2014 website redesign and tried to take it up a notch.

  • Life Out Here Is Distinctly ... Country

    Crazy cows running through the parking lot isn't all that uncommon at DST ... we are out in the country after all.

  • DST Blog

    Somewhere along the way we seem to have come to the understanding that we have a lot to say. So ... DST BLOG!

  • DST Team 2015

    DST Team 2015

    Somehow Graham isn't in this picture. Whatever. He's still here somewhere.

  • 2014
  • New Land Purchased

    DST New Land Purchased 2014

    At the start of 2014 we finalized a purchase of 25 acres which we hope will some day be the future site of DST

  • Websites Redesigned

    DST New Website 2014

    It took about 3 months of hard work, but we finished a redesign of our websites around a mobile friendly format. Almost exactly 10 years after we opened for business.

  • DST Team 2014

    DST Team 2014

    Ok, so technically we took this picture at Christmas December 2013 ... but this is our 2014 picture anyway.

  • 2013
  • The Turkey

    DST Turkey

    Other odd wildlife has decided to make a home at DST too.

  • DST Team 2013

    DST Team 2013

    The DST family also grew with humans too, not just weird wildlife.

    Some of the new people are more normal than others.

  • Hammy Missing

    Unfortunately offices in the middle of nowhere also means it isn't uncommon for coyotes to run across the property. Sadly Hammy the pig was only a brief spark in our lives at DST.

  • Hammy the Pig

    DST Wildlife

    The new offices are located in the middle of nowhere. It's only natural that we should have wild animals that we find for pets!

  • 2012
  • Bumps

    There have been a FEW bumps along the way.

  • Road Flood

    DST Road Flood

    We're far enough into the middle of nowhere that it isn't unheard of for the road to the office to flood.

  • 2011
  • Truckload Inventory

    DST Truckload Inventory

    Ever wonder what it looks like to have an 18 wheeler pull up full and leave empty?

  • SuperPro


    SuperPro brought further diversity of offerings to our catalog, helping us to expact our reach for suspension parts to even more customers.

  • 2010
  • DST Team 2010

    DST Team in 2011

    Graham, Josh, Mark, Maycee, Tiffany, Amanda, Ashlin

  • Office Space was still tight

    DST Customer Service Office 2010

    Hard to believe, but in 2010 this picture has 5 workstations AND the breakroom.

  • Standing desks

    DST desk

    Office jobs can be bad for your waistline. Stand at your desk!

  • Filled the warehouse with 10-12 foot shelves

    DST Shelves DST Shelves

    Building shelves is slow hard work when you're building a hundred of them.

  • The view from the office is GREAT

    DST View
  • Moved into new offices

    DST Warehouse
  • 2009
  • Things moved along pretty fast

    DST Construction Air

    Surprisingly it doesn't take long to build a steel building on a slab of concrete.

  • New Office Building Construction Started

    DST Construction 2009

    In 2009 we broke ground for a new building that we hoped would house DST for many years to come.

  • Whiteline


    Whiteline's depth of product offerings for international vehicles helped us to better serve our growning international customer market.

  • 2008
  • Daystar


    Daystar brought a new diversity of products to us while still maintaining the focus on Polyurethane parts.

  • 2006
  • MOOG


    Working with the MOOG brand was a no-brainer for us. They have all the hard parts that you NEED to install when you're replacing your bushings.

  • Prothane


    Interestingly enough, having competing brands was GOOD for business. Prothane makes similar parts to Energy Suspension, but they also both makes parts that the other folks dont.

  • 2005
  • Energy Suspension

    Energy Suspension

    It didn't take us long to realize that we like selling suspension parts. By the grace of God, we found a brand to work with that has performed in both quality or parts and sales numbers. Energy Suspension.

  • First Office Building

    DST First Office Building

    So the first office building was ... just the house.

  • First Office

    DST First Office

    Yeah, that's a garage door in the background. We had an office in the garage. It's hard to fit 4 workstations in a garage.

  • 2004
  • First Website

    DST Website 2004

    So lets be honest, this website was pretty awful. We keep it here as a reminder of where we started and how many doors God has opened for us over the years.

  • del Sol tuning

    DST del Sol

    Selling del Sol parts made sense. We had 2 of them!

  • May

    DST Logo

    DST was first launched in 2004 as an eCommerce source for Honda del Sol parts. Originally, DST meant "del Sol tuning".

  • DST Team 2004

    DST Team 2004

    The first members of the DST Team

    Graham and Tiffany Slaughter

  • 1991
  • Selling Grapes

    DST Selling Grapes

    We didn't always know that we would get into business selling suspension parts, there were failures along the way.

    But there was always a team (thanks Scott).

    God knew what he had in store for us and He prepared us for these good things every step of the way.